Welcome to Dyno

Welcome to Dyno Conveyors

(CAP Solutions Conveyor Equipment Division is now part of Dyno Conveyors)

At Dyno we make the world of business go round.
Up and down.
And side to side.

Our conveyors make moving meat, veges, fruit, packages, gravel, and even luge sleds 
simple and efficient.

We can customise to meet your needs and all our designs are proprietary.

It all sounds new and high-tech, and it is. But in reality we’re an inter-generational Kiwi company 
which has been designing and building conveyors for over two decades now.

All that experience, and our knowledge of the industries we work with,
is part of a total approach that includes supplying parts, and maintenance
by trained engineers.

(CAP Solutions Conveyor division may be known as Custom Conveyors Ltd and CCL)

Auckland 09 320 5535      Canterbury 03 307 0044      Southland 03 216 1440

5 year warranty_Dyno NZ


At Dyno we care for our clients. Our five year product warranty ensures you get the best out of the DYNO brand and its products.  Our huge DYNO range is covered - conveyor systems and conveyor components, conveyor rollers, powered roller and belt conveyors, modular slat conveyors, gravity roller conveyor, pallet conveyors and full customised conveyor systems -  when choosing Dyno Conveyors you can be sure of a worthy investment.                       

Improve Productivity with Dyno


Work smarter, increase efficiency, reduce costs & streamline processes  Dyno experts now go onsite and work alongside staff to provide feedback and suggestions to optimise performance and efficiency. This begins with analysing production and operation based on LEAN methodologies (reducing waste, improving movement, and ensuring staff engagement), our own knowledge and experience. Dont miss out! Enquire Now

A to B, seamlessly.

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