DYNO 5 Year Warranty


Dyno underscored its belief in itself by offering a five-year warranty on all of its products. 


"DYNO Conveyors warranties equipment supplied free from defective materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years, subject to satisfactory care and maintenance and being used according to original specifications."



The move is in line with the company’s continuing support to its clients and the pride it takes in the Dyno range which must, pledges Dyno, be on its best performance at all times.

With concerns over health and safety, and lost productive time, increasingly to the fore in New Zealand, DYNO Conveyors felt a responsility to take the lead.

The result is DYNO CARE.

Dyno Care is a programme that gives clear guidance on conveyors best practice and maintenance, with the support of one-on-one advice, as and when, it is needed.

In addition, an expert, site safety risk assessment is available at the beginning of an installation or design, or for existing conveyors.

All optimising performance, safety, and efficiency.

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